Just Another Day

Hi! Today was just another day. Our caterpillars are growing and one formed a chrysalis on the side of the terrarium. These caterpillars don’t eat a lot where as our other green ones went through a large stack of leaves in a only few days.

      Yesterday I did some DIYs and made my own stress ball, my own projector, and made a giant mess that required most of my patience,  to clean up. I don’t have a lot of patience just for the record. I found out how to make a very interesting mixture. It was just cornstarch and water. Don’t add to much water though because then it won’t work. Try hitting it with two fingers, then slowly sinking your fingers in. Then mold it and then stop. It is so cool. My new obsession.

        Yesterday our family also did a movie night. I made dinner which consisted of chicken, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and cinnamon apples. Then I laid out all of our  blankets on the floor and light our candles. We ate and watched “Kong Fu Panda 3”! It was very fun. 

      Today we are just hanging out awaiting the time to go to church. I have joined a Christmas Choir at church and now go to that before church begins. Reagan and Jackson are just watching some “Wild Kratts”. 


    Our plans today are to go with our Grandma to see “Trolls”, the new movie and then most likely get lunch. Mom is going to do her high amounts of school work while we are gone. Good times. 



Continuing the process

HI! It’s Taylor! I was looking at my mom’s blog today and saw how fun it looked. My mom came up and said “You should continue my blog!” I thought it was a good idea. I have never done a blog before and thought it would be very fun to do one. My mom wrote about everyday things that occurred. I will do the same. Currently I have two younger siblings Reagan and Jackson. I am the oldest. Our house is full of fun. We play, we talk, we watch movies, we love each other. This is a way for me to share all the fun that the Jones house consists of! If you feel like it please read! Thanks.


Today we were out in the back yard and Reagan (age 7) found a caterpillar. It look like a round piece of bark stuck to a leaf. She touched it and yelled “IT’S SO SQUISHY!”  Mom looked them up and found they they turn into white winged butterflies. We decided to wait and see how the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly took place.













Look out!

This post is dedicated to my sister, Trish and  my brother, Sean.

Many of you know I’m an arachnophobe.  Its not a mystery why I have this fear.  The story has been told around the dinner table for years of how the siblings tortured me by yelling “Spider! Lauriann, look out!”  And as my 4…5…6 year old little body jumped and screamed and begged for them to pick me up, they laughed and left me helpless.  Of course, there never really was a spider, but the fear was still deeply entrenched.  And after all these years I don’t think I’ve properly thanked them….

But I digress.   

Last night Craig came in the house and said, “come here, I think you’ll want to see this”.  Always the tight-lipped mystery man, I’ve gotten used to not asking questions, and dutifully followed him outside.  It was dark and I asked him if I needed shoes, and he said, ” no, it shouldn’t be a problem”.

Shouldn’t be a problem. Hmmm.

As we rounded the corner of our house and crossed the driveway, I caught sight of it as Craig flashed his headlamp on our garage door.  A huge, giant, creeping, very ALIVE…






TARANTULA.  Trying to get into our GARAGE.  Let me repeat that.  A tarantula trying to get into an arachnophobe’s garage.  Terrifying.

But even in my paralyzing fear, I thought quickly.

We caught that Tarantula. And I’m keeping him.  And one day, I’m gonna have my payback when my siblings are least expecting it. You better watch your back, sister.  You better check your sheets, brother.  Cause someday soon, this guys is gonna be waiting for you!       

Mooooaaaahhhahhaaaahhhhaaa!  (Exit with evil laugh!)  

(Someday when I’m not trying to be intimidating, I’ll post the shaking, jumpy video I took of this impossibly gargantuan creature!)

Summer Rainbows

I love the monsoon season.  I’ve written about this before, but there’s always something new and facscinating when watching these storms roll in.  This year has brought the best rainbows I’ve ever seen.  Often the sky is filled with multiple rainbows, showcasing themselves against the grey sky.  And when you locate 1 or 4 and point them out to your kids, you’re hard pressed to find a stranger who doesn’t stop and look to appreciate the sight as well.  Rainbows are such an undeniable metaphor for life (as most things in nature are). 

Of course, the storms also allow for slowing down and t.v. days.  Sometimes when you live in a place where the weather is nice all the time, its great to have an excuse NOT to go outside.  So, in July, as the monsoon rolls in, we have a few fun days.  Pitch an indoor tent, make some popcorn and have a movie marathon!  The break is much needed.  The beginning of July was very busy with much celebration. As usual we went to visit Nana and Pops in Georgia for the 4th of July family reunion.  This year was a little different as we had a lot of special occasions to celerbrate. 

First and foremost, we had a fabulous ceremony to celebrate mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary.  Those 40 years will be official in December, but while we were all together we decided to commemorate the feat!  As most of you know, mom and dad did not have the wedding of their dreams the first time around.  So 40 years later they rectified that by renewing their vows at a meaningful ceremony with family and friends, complete with two baptisms welcoming Quin and Reagan into the family.  It was a wonderful way to highlight how the communion of two people can transform many lives, and their legacy lives on through their grandchildren.  We were so fortunate to have Jane and Mike present as well as all the Baratians–my mom’s sister’s family and all their kids.  It made for a great time catching up, reliving memories and celebrating how two people can bring together so many people. 

As mentioned above, we also celebrated Quin and Reagan’s baptisms, which were perfectly injected into the vow renewal ceremony.  Its amazing how at just 7 months old, Quin and Reagan can have such different personalities–both of which were on full display in the pictures.  Quin, the laid back, happy little baby with the huge smile on his face.  Reagan, the pensive, reserved little baby with the pissed-off look on her face.  In the pictures they were side by side, one with a giant grin, the other with a furrowed brow.  My dad would say the furrowed brow is definitely from me, but at this point, I think she’s totally Craig’s baby! 

Both girls are doing fabulously well.  I can’t believe Reagan is 7 months old.  She’s scooting around on her bottom, rolling across the living room and getting her second tooth.  Yesterday Craig told me she said, “Hey, dad”.   Seriously, though, I swear she says all done.  I mean, how else would you interpret “ahhh dahhh” after she finishes a bottle?  Granted, its like 30 minutes after she finishes the bottle, but, I mean, she’s a baby, you have to allow for the slow processing! 

Oh man what parenting brings out in you….

I am so proud of Taylor.  She is really growing into an amazing little girl.  This summer she’s been focusing on learning how to swim as well as taking Karate classes.  She has done well with both.  We got ourselves a ghetto pool for the backyard as it offered more convenience than swim lessons for about the same cost.  In just three short weeks she was swimming across the pool with her head under water.  And she did a lot of it on her own.  She’s extremely independent AND stubborn, but when she puts her mind to something she works hard to accomplish it.  I wasn’t allowed to help much, but it turns out she didn’t really need me after all. 

She’s also made leaps and bounds in Karate.  She LOVES her classes, which she attends 3 times a week, and we love how they’ve brought more focus, manners, and awareness into her life.  It has been a great investment for us and we hope she continues to enjoy it as much as she does now. 

Happy belated Birthday to Jane!  Her birthday was the 17th and fortunately we’ll be able to see her this week when they trek down to Arizona.  I’ll be getting a highly anticipated break from the girls as Grandmama and Papa venture into the world of caring for two…on their own!  I know Taylor and Reagan will have a great time!  And I plan to clean my house from top to bottom (and quite honestly, I can hardly wait!)

I’ll post more pictures as soon as I can figure out this new Picasa program.  Shouldn’t take long…

Here’s to less time inbetween posts–and health and happiness to you out there!

Hello, again….

Need I say more?  Things have been great here!  We are thoroughly enjoying life.  Here’s a rundown of happenings:

Went to GA, girls saw real, make-a-snowman, snow for the first time!

Met new nephew Quinn—he’s a buff and handsome guy.

Mom and dad will be celebrating 40 years together in July and we’re having big party that I can hardly wait for!

Craig built his fabulous garden that is beginning to produce a plethora of yummies! We are enjoying picking and immediately eating!!  Way to go, Daddy!

Sold the car, got a van—mom for real now.

Live in a world of princesses, where I’m having to choose what Princess I’ll be for the day.  I thought I was clever choosing Cinderella, as I often had to excuse myself to do my “chores”, but then the “other” princess “ruined my evil stepmother and stepsisters” so I would be free to play instead of work.

Taylor will be 4 in two weeks and I should enjoy this princess world right now.  My little girl is growing up and it is bittersweet.

Fielding difficult questions daily, like: “how do they make fabric for clothes?” ,”how are shoes made?”, “why do some people say mean things?” ,”why do we have to pay for stuff?”, “how do they make Maleficent come to life in Sleeping Beauty?” ,”why are dinosaurs big?”, “why would Spencer call me a stupid girl, he loves me?”etc. etc…(these are all questions from today)

Doing the Dave Ramsey  way of life, and the simple life feels good. 

Business is picking up and we’re hoping its not a fluke. Craig is working like a madman, and I think its paying off–prayers accepted.

I’ve had a fabulous winter with Jane and Mike just a short drive away and they have been an awesome help with Taylor and I’m dreading their move back to CO for the summer…boohoo for me!

Reagan is eating solid foods–hates pears, loves sweet potatoes.  Sits on her own, only really giggles when Taylor is around, and HATES rolling over.

Still working on getting back to pre-baby weight.  Again, prayers accepted. 

Nikki took great pictures of the girls for me again, so now I’ll end my update and leave you with a montage of pictures from the past few months (I had so many it took too long to upload to the blog…)

Cheers! Thanks for keeping the faith and continuing to check the site for updates!
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Three months’ time in 2009

The Javelinas’ Return



Hi guys! Its been a while since my last post.  You thought I was bad about posting BEFORE two kids, you didn’t even know the half of it!  HA!  We’ve been doing quite well, though.  The economy has hit the business pretty hard, but we are getting through it the best we can.  Whatever happens, I know we will be O.K.  Sometimes it takes times like these to help us remember what makes us truly happy.  And our two little girls make us VERY happy. 

Craig has been busy in the backyard this spring getting ready for the growing season.  He built a great little garden inside a screened in shed that I”m sure will get even bigger next year.  We’re looking forward to lots of tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, onions, and hopefully even some strawberries.  I LOVE that Craig has a green thumb, there is nothing like fresh stuff from the garden.  Plus, he and Taylor enjoy it so much. Its a great outlet for both of them.


As the title tells, we had another visit from the Javelinas.  This time they sniffed out Craig’s old tomato plants that he threw over our fence.  And it wasn’t just two of them, they brought the whole gang.  They truly are gross, but it was kinda interesting to have nothing but a wrought iron fence between us and 10 or 11 large rodents.  I’ve included pictures for those who still have no idea what a Javelina is. 


Reagan has been growing like a weed.  3 months has flown by, and I had forgotten how quickly they change in this first year.  She’s a chatty Cathy with a penchant for attention (sound familiar?).  She likes to be where the action is and is happiest when “standing”.  Her new favorite trick is blowing raspberries.  I can already see her stubborn streak, as she refuses to lift her head when I put her down for tummy time.  I know she’s strong enough as she’ll sit and stand for 45 minutes at a time…she’s got her preferences already. 


Taylor is a princess.  Literally.  From the moment she wakes up, she’s in a dress.  When she doesn’t want to do something she says, “Princesses don’t…(fill in the blank)”.  She’s been pampered with regular visits to Grandmama and Papa’s house since they’ve been down here for the season.  She always has a blast with them and I love that they are able to be close and shower the girls with extra attention!  Yesterday we took Taylor to the Gap as they were putting on a “live manequin” show, where they had little kids dress up in their clothes and stand in the window.  Taylor enjoyed it immensley.  A little too much, if you ask me.  She didn’t skip a beat as she twirled and waved and curtsied to all the passers-by.  When her 15 minutes were up, she asked if she could stay a little bit longer. Oh, man.  She is also a great big sister.  I’m very proud of her thoughtful ways and caring spirit. 


That’s all the news with us.  I’m am doing great.  Dad came to visit at the beginning of March, and of course, I didn’t get a single picture.  We will be headed back to GA at the end of the month, so hopefully we’ll catch up on the pictures, then.  The girls had a great time with Pops, as usual and are looking forward to seeing Nana, and new cousin Quinn soon (and, of course, all the rest of the family as well).  I’m still thoroughly enjoying staying home with the girls and watching them grow.  We hope everyone else is enjoying life and the ones you love!