Big News in October

October has been a busy, busy month. First we visited Anne Marie and Chris in Charlotte to have a weekend filled with wedding dress shopping and wedding planning. It was so nice to be a part of it all. Anne Marie did find a dress and , of course, it is absolutely gorgeous–but I’m not giving away any secrets! Chris let Taylor clean out the pumpkin for her first ever pumpkin carving. He even let her cut out the face. I’ll post the picture of the final product. It actually wasn’t half bad.


Of course, I can not lie…Chris was actually the fabulous artist of these two pumpkins!

Then we headed to Colorado for Craig’s annual “GBOSH” (go big or stay home) Conference for Golftec. His North Scottsdale store won franchise of the year out of 44 stores! His city manager also won Manager of the Year. Needless to say, we were very excited and it gives him momentum for the next big opening in Tucson in mid-November.


The end of October also marks the beginning of InsideOut Health and Lifestyle coaching. Please send positive energy out this way so that it may start on a successful note. I will keep you updated on the progress. Til then, Happy Halloween! I’ll try to get Taylor to put on her costume (its a flower) but she’s scared of it so we might not get pictures this year!!


Thanks to Pauline Pellicer, Anne Marie’s friend for putting together a great logo to launch the new business!


Race for the Cure 2006


 We had a wonderful walk again this year! It is always a moving experience, walking with so many who have been touched by this disease.  We love celebrating Jane beating her fight since she was first diagnosed in 1998.  It does feel like this race makes a difference as we notice every year, more and more people celebrating survival than remembering those lost.

Unfortunately, though, there are still many taken by breast cancer.  We remember Linda Guinn, David’s mom, who just lost her battle this past July and Ann Roche, Mimi’s mom, who passed in 1996.  Trish will be doing the Breast Cancer 3 Day in Atlanta October 20 – 22 (you have to raise over $2000 just to be eligible to walk!).  Yay for Trish as she continues to show support for those who fight and those we have lost. 

Grand Canyon hike

I made it out!  That’s the important thing. 

On September 30th I went with a group from Moon Valley up to the Grand Canyon to make the 24 mile hike from the South rim to the North rim.  It was the first time I had been to the Grand Canyon, let alone hiked it! It was spectacular.  The colors were gorgeous and the weather was a relief (nice and cool)!  What a great experience. I made it out in 8 hours 22 minutes, which is better than I thought, but worse than I’ll do the second time around!  I’ve already made a commitment to do it again next year (if I’m not pregnant, of course!)

Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement and support!   

Trish and Lyric’s visit

We had a great week with Aunt Trish and cousin Lyric.  I couldn’t believe how open Taylor was to havig a new little picture-195.jpgone around.  She absolutely loved “baby”, and would constantly bring her toys and give her hugs.  Lyric was the first one she would ask about when she woke up in the morning.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t quite get Trish’s name down and so just resorted to calling her Mimi the entire time (one Aunt’s name she can actually pronounce!)

Lyric was definitely a sweetheart and always gave Taylor a smile when she came around.  It was so great to get to know baby Lu just a little better.  She’ll be changing so quickly, its nice to have the time now to visit.  

I’m having trouble posting pictures, so I’ll post this for now and try to get them up soon!  Hope everyone is well!