Visit to Georgia


We just got back from GA where we had a great visit with family and friends!  We flew in Wednesday the 21st and had a great visit with Baby Lu!  Lyric is so smiley and loved watching Taylor jump and run–which was cool for Taylor, too! We went up to the Bluff on Thursday to visit Nana and Pops and make caramel apples for Anne Marie’s shower favors.  Then it was back down to Atlanta for Danielle and John’s “sex party”(not as bad as it sounds) on Friday night.  Everybody gathered for the big envelope opening where the sex of their baby was revealed.   Turns out there will be another boy for Taylor to hang with! 

On Saturday, we celebrated Anne Marie and Chris’ upcoming nuptials with a couples shower at Anne and Dave’s.  It was so much fun!  We visited more with Danielle and John, Dorothy, Nate and their new bundle, Hayden and her big sister Hannah, and Christen (who came bearing a toy cell phone for Taylor that is STILL keeping her busy!)

 We got to see Nana and Pops new house too!  We helped with some of the decisions for colors and decor and pretty soon they will be ready to house guests!  The place looks great so far and we can’t wait until its finished (probably right before the wedding)

While I don’t have tons of pictures of the visit, please check out for more of Lyric and Taylor (who really are the best of friends), as well as Anne Marie and Chris’ shower!   


The answer is YES!


Thank you for thinkng of me on Valentine’s Day.  You are my very first Valentine and I am so happy!


Love, Taylor 

An angel and a devil live at my house…

Its so much fun to watch Taylor grow up and become more independent.  She really enjoys “helping” with laundry and vacuuming and actually likes to clean up before she goes to bed!  I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts! Here are a few pictures of her doing helping around the house.


She does have her fun, too–here are some pics of her peforming:


The two pictures in the middle aren’t that great and don’t really capture what was happening at the time, but I love them because she was really dancing hard core with her turtle (in the background) who sings the real version of “Get Down On It”.  Her dancing is one of my favorite things.

Her vocabulary is also growing daily and there really aren’t too many things she can’t label.  She is now experimenting with sentences, and likes to label what Craig and I are doing.  You can tell she is concentrating so hard as she forms the sentence…”Mama…slide…down”  and then is so proud of herself when I comprehend what she is trying to communicate.  The downside of more communication is more independence of the nasty kind…tantrums are taking shape.  I think we are currently ushering in the TT’s (terrible two’s…)

Nothing like dinner with an old friend


Trisha Giova, my old friend from the 3rd grade was in town this weekend and we were able to have dinner on Friday night!  We had maintained a great run of summer visits from age 9 to about 14…but once high school hit, our teenage world took over and we dropped out of each others lives.  Each of us sought the other out one time in the past 15 years but nothing stuck. Finally, while Trish was in town on business, we made a point to reconnect. It was so much fun catching up and really surprising to see that our friendship hardly skipped a beat even though so much time had past….

 Trish and her mom filled me in on all that has been going on with their family for the past decade and they are doing great! Mrs. Giova looks fabulous and seems just the same to me.  Trish owns her own jewelry business (hence her reason for being in Tucson–to shop the Gem show) and business is great!  It requires a lot of traveling, but eventually she would like to open her own store so she can settle down just a bit.  I guess that falls in line with settling down in another realm of her life–she’s getting married in August! Things are really going great for her and she is still gorgeous and fun! 

Anyway, I wanted to share that little highlight from my life.  Hope everyone is well!