Happy Easter

We had a very low-key and relaxing Easter, which was exactly what I needed after a few “rousing” days in Las Vegas for Anne Marie’s bachelorette party.  I’m still working on getting those pictures to my computer, but be on the lookout for some fun-time pics of our LV adventures.   I think the recovery time on a night out of drinking doubles for every year past 25, so it’ll be another few weeks before I’m back to myself!  It was a great time, though.  I’m so glad I went! Anne Marie and her friends are lots of fun!

Taylor was very excited about the “Easter Rabbit” and every time we saw him at the mall she confidently requested that she sit on his lap, but as soon as we got close to him, she looked at me like I was crazy to suggest she get anywhere near him, let alone sit on his lap!  She’s a big talker, much like her dad… 

Like I mentioned, Easter was low key.  We colored eggs on Friday and then spent Easter Sunday lying around watching the Master’s, of course.  We took a break to eat ham and hide easter eggs.  It was the perfect day.  We hope everyone had a happy Easter, and we look forward to seeing many of you in Charlotte in a few short weeks! 

Coloring Easter eggs…as you can see the eggs weren’t the only thing to get the color!


As for hunting eggs, the action was so fast we only captured two shots.

She spots the egg:


And she’s got it!


Taylor loves spending time with Grandmama and Papa.  In fact, she often says “bye Mama!” (in a very polite way)whenever I try to play with her and Grandmama is around.  She forgets the niceties with Craig and just says, “no, daddy!” when he tries….But we still managed to wrangle her away for a quick picture!