Introducing Chris and Anne Marie Ashley!

Well it IS official.  Anne Marie and Chris tied the knot last weekend and everything was beautiful!  I had gone about a week before hand to help with some last minute things and got to spend some great time with both the bride and groom.  The great thing about those two is that they are both so loving and generous and fun AND they found each other!  I’m so excited for them–I know they have a wonderful life ahead of them. 

My good friend Nikki was the photographer for the wedding, and knowing this, I totally neglected to bring MY camera…period.  It didn’t even leave my house.  So, I have no pictures to share of the great weekend we had, BUT, if you look on the right side of the screen, you’ll notice a link to “The Pucketts” (which is Nikki), follow that to her website to view the shots she took!  She did such a great job of capturing small moments.  I love her photography!

Another exciting happening is that we sold our house in Phoenix.  We can finally settle into our Tucson home and get things like we want them.  I am so excited to put the finishing touches on things down here.  Then we’ll REALLY be ready for visitors (hint, hint!).