The Monsoon


Everyone talks about “the monsoon”.  At every checkout line, with every acquaintaince you run into, you end up talking about the monsoon–the floods that occurred, the humidity it creates, and of course, how nice it is to see rain. It seems pedestrian, I know.  But I’m finding that this isn’t just talk about the weather.  “The monsoon”  is a source of regional pride. To break it down for those of you who don’t know, the monsoon season is the equivalent of the hurricane season in Florida (without the hurricanes, of course).  I think most of my audience have experienced these (and may not find them that amazing).  But as an Arizonan now, I have to stand with my statesmen and say that the monsoon may be explained in terms of the “tornado season storms of the south” but it compares to no storms I have ever seen.  It is beyond small talk….It really is an exciting season. 

I’m undoubtedly revealing my lackluster life, but Craig and I have spent many evenings in the past month watching a storm roll in.  Maybe when you live in a place where the rain comes only two months out of the year, the storms take on a different meaning.  But as I experience the monsoons here in Tucson now, surrounded by mountains, I have to say, its like experiencing in real life those storms you watched over time-lapse on National Geographic.  Clouds are rolling and moving and changing shapes and colors in a way that really is quite captivating.  And as the wind picks up and you hear that rumble of thunder in the distance, its a moment you can just sit with and enjoy.  Its become one of my favorite things. And as you can see from the picture above, they make for some beautiful sunsets. 

So, our weather for the past month has been beautiful and captivating and also an absolute pain in the rear.  The flooding is debilitating (think driving around for an hour and a half trying to find a road home that wasn’t closed to floods after a quick storm rolled through while I was out and about).  And with the humidity up quite a few notches it makes our 100 degree days take on a whole new meaning.  Taylor and I have been experiencing a little bit of cabin fever because it really is unbearable to go outside for any length of time.  Oh stop….we’ll survive.

On a brighter note, we took a trip to Colorado at the end of July.  We went to visit Grandmama and Papa for a few days to get out of this awful, beautiful weather.  Unfortunately, Jane and Mike had to attend a funeral back in Illinois during our stay so we weren’t able to visit with them as much as we would have liked, but we were able to celebrate Jane’s birthday (belated–it was on July 17th), and were able to see some friends of Jane and Mike’s (and consequently, good friends of ours), Charlie and Valerie.  They are so great to Taylor and its always nice to catch up with them.  We also got to visit with Craig’s good friend, Dave, who is doing well, too and enjoying the mountains as usual.

We didn’t get too many pictures from our visit.  Craig and I have to be more conscientious about getting family pictures, and not forgetting our camera during obvious photo ops.  We are pretty lame…but we’ll share the onese we did get….



Hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Taylor and I will be heading to GA at the beginning of October so if anyone is around and interested, we’d love to make plans to see you!   I am excited to meet the newest addition to “our family”, Jack Wirtz!  Born to Danielle and John Wirtz on July 17th–he is so cute and I can’t wait to hold him in person (fingers crossed that we’ll get to see him in October!).