I lub you…


So yesterday we set out on a walk to Basha’s (our local grocery store).  It was around 4:30 and I decided Taylor and I should make some homemade bread, but I needed the yeast.  So, with Basha’s not even a half a mile down the road, and the entire evening ahead of us, we set out with our play shopping cart, the singing monkey that Pops gave us, and a sippy cup of milk.  By the time we hit the gated entrance to our neighborhood (which is not even a 3 minute walk–although it took us 10), I was carrying the shopping cart on my shoulder and the milk was gone.  I had the sneaking suspiscion this adventure was a bad idea.  20 minutes into the walk, Taylor wanted me to carry her.  30 minutes into the walk, I could still only catch a glimpse of our destination through the trees..(“I don’t remember it being this far..”).  35 minutes into the walk and just a few steps closer, we stopped to analyze the sand and rocks that made the trail.  Then we tried to find the lizard that darted through the underbrush.  Then we let monkey play in the dirt.  Then we let the trees tickle our cheeks and head, and said, “Hey! stop tickling me tree!” about 37 times.  Then we had to work through a temper tantrum because I carried her past the bridge she desperately wanted to explore (Hey, we had to get things moooving, you know…).

FINALLY, 50 minutes later we were rounding the corner to Basha’s and my patience was at an all time low.  I just wanted to get into Basha’s, get the damn yeast and forget about the freakin bread( who the hell makes homemade bread, anyway!)  At this point, I didn’t even know if we were going to get back before dark.  But somewhere during our walk I had promised Taylor a smoothie (again, to move her along–I know I’m not the only one who has used bribe here and there), and now she was clamoring for it.  So, thinking I could probably use a little down time, I decided to follow through and we sat to enjoy our drinks.  Taylor was happily sipping her strawberry smoothie and I was just thinking about how obliviously happy she wasand how much I was dreading the walk back. So, instead of focusing on the negative, I looked at Taylor and said, “do you know how much I love you?”

And she stood on her chair, did a little swaying back and forth, and belted out for all of Basha’s to hear ” I lub you! I lub you!  I lub yoooooouuuu, tooooooo, Momma!” in a nice little tune she made up of the top of her head.  Then she smiled and said, “and I LUUUB my smoovie!”

And this is why I lub staying at home with my daughter. 

By the way, we didn’t get home until 7:15…



Happy Anniversary to us…

So both Craig and I “forgot” our anniversary.  Only three years in and its already gotten to this.  I was checking my email on Tuesday and we got e-cards from my dad and Trish which was my trigger! “(Deep surprised breath in) Honey!  Today’s our Anniversary…Happy Anniversary…”  and that was pretty much it.  Lame. 

We have already discussed that we won’t let this happen again.  Its just not OK to miss opportunities to celebrate special times in our lives.  This time it didn’t seem like that big of a deal because we both forgot.  But then I started thinking to myself…so in this scenario the anniversary slipped by both of us and there were no hurt feelings or disappointments.   But what if I had happened to remember?  What if I had gone out and picked up a card, maybe a small gift and our big day came and Craig had completely forgotten.  Wow.  I can only imagine my lividness.  And the thing about it is, nothing about Craig in those two scenarios is different.  In both cases he forgot.  Yet, in the one where I actually remembered, I might have had to kill him for his fogetfulness. In THAT scenario, I would have attributed his forgetting to not caring about our marriage, or that he doesn’t care as much about me anymore, or any other crazy, inane thing women think and because of that thinking, I would have made the day miserable and awkward.

And then I thought, so really, its what I think about his actions that become hurtful, not his action themselves.  This year, I understand how he forgot because we were busy…we had a visitor and a big party and…HELL, I forgot! So I can certainly understand how he did!  And thats the meaning I gave to his forgetting this year and you know what…I didn’t perceive that as hurtful and we ended up having a great day.  But it is amazing, isn’t it, how we have control over how we experience life simply by adjusting the meaning we put behind people’s actions and or events.  It can mean the difference between a miserable day and a happy day.  We decide completely how we chose to react.  

And I think life is as simple and as complicated as that, ya know.  We have more power over our lives than we know what to do with.

 Geez, enough of the jibber jabber!

On a lighter note, we had a surprise visit from Anne Marie over Labor Day.  She flew out for a very quick visit and we LOVED it.  It was a laid back time and it was nice to just hang out again.  Taylor was in heaven wanting Anne Marie to do everything from feed and bathe her to sit in the back seat next to her wherever we went.  Needless to say, Taylor was not happy to see her playmate go and neither was I!  I’m looking forward to seeing her and the rest of the family again in just a few short weeks. 

I don’t really have any new pictures lately.  I will try to take some this week and devote an entire post just to pics of Taylor for those of you who are interested.  She is really talking so much, using sentences and appropriate body language (i.e., demonstrates exasperation, annoyance, and contemplation).  Its pretty funny.  Maybe one of these days we can finally get a video camera and start capturing these things on tape.  Until then, you’ll just have to use your imagination!