Pictures and stuff

So things have been busy around here for the past few weeks, but not for any noteworthy reason.  I’ve been unecessarily obsessed with a garage sale and then with spending the money earned from the garage sale.  I really love the house that we are in here in Tucson, but it needs some serious finishing touches.  So, Craig allowed me to keep all the proceeds from the garage sale for “warming things up a bit”.  Needless to say, I had the money spent before we even put out our “yard sale” sign, but it was good to get some things taken care of.  And still I feel there’s tons more to do.  I don’t understand that!  Do I have a mental illness or does everybody feel as though there is always some area for improvement in their home? Who knows, but its time for me to move on, both literally within this post, and within my life.  One can only spend so much time pondering, searching, and returning furniture, rugs and pictures, ya know?

 Anyway, I have to start thinking about things other than myself, thank goodness.  With Thanksgiving in a week and then Christmas to quickly follow it is the time of season for focusing on friends and family.  I am looking forward to the shift. 

 In keeping with that focus, I will post pictures from Halloween that I promised to put up for grandparents over 2 weeks ago…More to follow in the coming weeks.  I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

First we celebrated with our playgroup at a Halloween party:


And the town put on a “Sooktaclar” event where we participated in their costume contest, and we made it to the finals, but the cute kid to our left won: