Finally making friends

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So, I’ve had a very fortunate turn of events that has ended up being the highlight of 2007.   Within Tucson Moms I have connected with a really fun group of ladies who have graciously accepted me into their circle (which has been established for over a year, now), and I fee very grateful.  Sara threw a Christmas party this year and we had a great time watching the kids play while we ate and drank into the evening (well… until 7 p.m. anyway).

 Taylor loves her new friends but is still a little “ify” on their names.  When she talks about Nolan, Noah, Emma, and Maile, we also have to refer to the color they were wearing the night of the Christmas party.  She’ll say, “and Noah…was he blue?”  yes.  “And Maile is red with white dots…” 

Its funny how their minds work.  Anyway, here is the picture of the kiddos in front of Sara’s tree.  We are missing little Paige in this one, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her soon.  Merry Christmas! 


The Season is upon us!

I have so many warm and cherished memories of Christmas with my family!  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year and having a child of my own just renews my sense of magic in the season.  I hope you all find your magic this season and enjoy yourselves and your families!  Here’s to believing!!

Craig got me the flip video camera at the recommendation of several friends and I love it. I’ve already taken much too much footage!!