Warning: Unusually long video

Here’s that video I was talking about. Riveting. I swear…and its 11 minutes, so get a snack or something.
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December 2007

 Hope you guys are having a happy new year!  Love to all!


Taylor is a big girl (well…almost)


Taylor is growing and changing and we are having tons of fun.  I’m currently working on a video mantage of our December, but am having some trouble uploading it.  Once I figure out the problem, we’ll post it up so you can get a glimpse of her ever-emerging personality. 

To meet her growing needs, we recently transformed her room by getting her a big girl bed and a “writing” wall.  She absolutely loves both and we are constantly drawing, writing, and using our fun magnets on her bedroom wall which she thinks is great!  She can make a “T” for her name and can spell “zoo” and “Golftec” (her Grandmama and Papa taught her that).  We’ve also organized her closet with pink boxes that have a picture of the toys that are inside.  She seems to love the organization and it helps remind her of all the fun things she can get into, so she’s staying very busy pulling down her boxes throughout the day (the pictures on the boxes make clean-up a breeze, too!)  So, the transition has been smooth, and fun for her, thank goodness. 

 Anyway, I wasn’t really going to dedicate a post to this topic, but Amy requested I put pictures of her room with her chalkboard/magnetic wall on the blog….so basically, this is really all for Amy’s benefit.  Hope you enjoy!