Pictures, pictures, pictures…

Well, we’ve been very busy these past few weeks which has been lots of fun for Taylor and I.  Since I’ve last posted, we’ve seen the Budweiser Clydsdales up close and personal, been to the Fair, the zoo, had our first fire station visit, and fed ostriches and larakeets at Rooster Cogburn’s ostrich farm.  We’ve also spent a lot of time at our friends houses just playing and swimming and playing even more. 

Taylor is doing fantastic.  She’s totally into dancing and signing (much to Craig’s chagrin–“that’s not going to get her anywhere in life!”).  She has a great time playing by herself and will entertain herself for HOURS with her babies and her stuffed animals, going to parties, cooking angel food cake for them, and cutting their hair.  Many of the moms tell me that she’s 2 going on 20, to give you a small sampling of her speech:

 “wow, isn’t it a gorgeous day outside?”

“I’m impressed that she’s big enough to do that!”

“Mom, I’m really getting frustrated that you won’t let me watch TV.”

“look at Daddy’s tomatoes, they are getting ripe and ready for picking!”

Anyway, we’re having a blast and so I thought I’d post pictures to update you on our adventures.