Girls, girls….everywhere!

Yesterday we had our “fun” visit to the doctor where we got to see the baby and that’s right, see what we were having.  Much to our delight, we disovered we’re having ANOTHER girl!  Taylor was ecstatic, Craig needs some time, and I’m so happy that we have a healthy, growing baby that looks so much like Taylor already (…of course, she IS only 20 weeks old). While it would have been fun to mix it up a bit and get a boy this time around, I believe that Taylor getting the opportunity to experience the sister relationship will be a great gift to her (I hope…it was for me, anyway)!  We are due to expect our second one on December 7th officially, so we’re halfway there! Here’s Taylor’s take on the whole thing…

Be sure to check on Trish’s site to find out what their surprise is, as well!  More updates, soon!


Cotter Family Reunion

So we made our annual trek as a family to the Bluffs for our July 4th family reunion.  Mom and Dad have done a great job creating a little haven up there where we all have our own space, yet we’re still close enough to be in each other’s business–which is how we like it best.  It was great seeing everyone, and all seem to be doing great!  Emily and Michael are getting so big and its bittersweet to see them growing up.  I feel like I owe Emily $500 bucks for a week of baby sitting…she took care of Taylor and Lyric non-stop–and was completely gracious about it.  Michael was a character, as usual, although I still feel bummed I missed out on his famous dance moves…maybe next year.  Lyric is everywhere, and has not an ounce of trepidation in her bones.  Taylor can learn a thing or two from her little cousin about taking risks!  Taylor is “waiting until she is older–maybe next year” to enjoy the jet ski and the “fireworkers”

All in all it was a fun time and relaxing, too!  We celebrated Sean’s birthday as well as a late Father’s day for all the guys.  Taylor LOVED, LOVED, LOVED spending time with her cousins and with Nana and Pops.  Craig and I hardly saw her!  I almost felt guilty…Just to give you an idea of how non-plussed she was about not spending time with us, after the bulk of people left (i.e., all the kids) on the last day, Taylor walked up to Craig who was sitting on the couch and said, “Hi, Daddy!” like it was the first time she had seen him in a week.  Then suddenly gave him a hug like she’d missed him so much–which she probably did given the circumstances!  It was pretty funny. 

As you know, Trish and I are pregnant and due within days of each other, and now we are finding out what we are having on the same day…Monday the 14th.  So stay tuned and be sure to check out for their exciting news, as well. 

So, while I forgot my camera and camcorder, thank goodness my in-laws are great at taking pictures and sharing…here are some of the shots they got of our week at the Bluff!