The official end of summer

Well, here we are at summer’s official end and while we still have another month of hot weather ahead of us, our activities will be picking up.  Its been pretty slow for us here at the Jones house.  We’ve been taking advantage of the joys of “just the 3 of us” this summer and have spent many lazy days at home just being together.  We are super excited to welcome our 4th, though, and Taylor has been a great help in that arena.  She’s been very generous in sharing her books, toys, and even her time to get ready for baby. 

Like I said, things will be picking up soon…we are headed to Colorado at the end of the week to visit Grandmama and Papa.  It’ll be great to get out of the heat and feel the brisk Colorado air.  Jane and Mike are always so generous about flying us to the mountains at least once a year to visit, and I always look forward to the trip.  Then in October we’ll head back to GA for a long visit.  We thought we were going to have to postpone our trip this year with the economy as it is, but it turns out we got the best deal we’ve EVER gotten on flights and Taylor and I were able to get to Atlanta for the price that we usually pay for just one ticket! Even still, we couldn’t have done it without Nana and Pops as our sponsors–I feel so lucky to have two great sets of parents that make it possible for us to travel as much as we do!  Its really important to me to visit family and it wouldn’t be possible without them!

Once we get back from Atlanta it will be the whirlwind of the Holidays–which starts at Halloween when you have little kids!  So we’ll be running through those last two months before our new little girl arrives.  I will do my best to keep you updated on the happenings, until then, here are a few pics:

Taylor helps paint baby’s room:

Craig and Taylor have been “playing” golf up at the club getting ready for the Itty Bitty Open that’ll take place at the end of September.  I just think its cute that they both have their Golftec hats on:

Taylor LOVES to read and I’m catching her in all sorts of places around the house reading, in her bed, in the closet, in the nude, and in this pic…in her toybox(I previously posted the nude picture cause it was really funny, but after a comment from an unknown person, I felt compelled to delete it):

Happy Labor Day!