Taylor and Reagan get to know each other…

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Taylor and Reagan meet

Here’s a video montage of the first few meetings between Taylor and Reagan.  As you can see, while the first meeting was a little overwhelming, Taylor definitely warmed up once we were home.  Big sister and little sister are doing great!

We also want to announce Taylor and Reagan’s new cousin, Quinn!  He arrived in the world on December 3rd, so today marks his 2 week birthday.  If I was a better, less self-involved aunt, I would have officially welcomed him much sooner.  It was actually pretty cool because even though we were across the country when Quinn was born, we were able to check in on Trish throughout the day via Skype.  Then, we were able to see him just minutes after he was born–it felt like we were a part of the action.  The beauty of technology.  Check out www.hoffshouse.com for Quinn’s pictures and to see how big sister Lyric is handling the addition.  They all are doing wonderfully well and we all feel so blessed this Christmas.


Welcome Reagan Lee Jones

Born Monday, December 8th 2008 at 5:10 p.m.

7lbs. 1oz , 19 3/4 inches

We are so happy to welcome Reagan into our family and feel so blessed that mom and baby are doing great.  She made a bit of a dramatic entrance and was delivered via emergency c-section due to a prolapsed umbilical cord.  While being a about a pound smaller than Taylor, she is identical to her big sister.  Taylor is IN LOVE and so involved in taking care of her.  When I have more time, I’ll post the video of their first meeting (Taylor was a bit overwhelmed, but has definitely warmed up since then!)  Here are some pictures: