Coming up for Air

Well, we’ve finally gotten the hang of this baby thing. Reagan is getting used to this world and we are getting better at understanding her.  Taylor is doing great as a big sister, if not a little TOO affectionate.  Since most of the past six weeks was spent hibernating at home, there’s not much to report.  Those of you with children know what my days (and nights) have been like.  So instead of boring you with the eat, play, sleep cycle, I’ll just post some pictures for now. 

In my opinion, newborns are not too photogenic, BUT, I still think she’s cute.  These first pictures were taken right before Christmas:






Here are some pictures taken about a week ago.  I call it Taylor’s photoshoot with Reagan cameos:






And here is Reagan today:






A special thank you to all of you who have sent gifts and special sentiments.  Please forgive me for not getting out my thank you notes yet, but expect them soon!