The Javelinas’ Return



Hi guys! Its been a while since my last post.  You thought I was bad about posting BEFORE two kids, you didn’t even know the half of it!  HA!  We’ve been doing quite well, though.  The economy has hit the business pretty hard, but we are getting through it the best we can.  Whatever happens, I know we will be O.K.  Sometimes it takes times like these to help us remember what makes us truly happy.  And our two little girls make us VERY happy. 

Craig has been busy in the backyard this spring getting ready for the growing season.  He built a great little garden inside a screened in shed that I”m sure will get even bigger next year.  We’re looking forward to lots of tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, onions, and hopefully even some strawberries.  I LOVE that Craig has a green thumb, there is nothing like fresh stuff from the garden.  Plus, he and Taylor enjoy it so much. Its a great outlet for both of them.


As the title tells, we had another visit from the Javelinas.  This time they sniffed out Craig’s old tomato plants that he threw over our fence.  And it wasn’t just two of them, they brought the whole gang.  They truly are gross, but it was kinda interesting to have nothing but a wrought iron fence between us and 10 or 11 large rodents.  I’ve included pictures for those who still have no idea what a Javelina is. 


Reagan has been growing like a weed.  3 months has flown by, and I had forgotten how quickly they change in this first year.  She’s a chatty Cathy with a penchant for attention (sound familiar?).  She likes to be where the action is and is happiest when “standing”.  Her new favorite trick is blowing raspberries.  I can already see her stubborn streak, as she refuses to lift her head when I put her down for tummy time.  I know she’s strong enough as she’ll sit and stand for 45 minutes at a time…she’s got her preferences already. 


Taylor is a princess.  Literally.  From the moment she wakes up, she’s in a dress.  When she doesn’t want to do something she says, “Princesses don’t…(fill in the blank)”.  She’s been pampered with regular visits to Grandmama and Papa’s house since they’ve been down here for the season.  She always has a blast with them and I love that they are able to be close and shower the girls with extra attention!  Yesterday we took Taylor to the Gap as they were putting on a “live manequin” show, where they had little kids dress up in their clothes and stand in the window.  Taylor enjoyed it immensley.  A little too much, if you ask me.  She didn’t skip a beat as she twirled and waved and curtsied to all the passers-by.  When her 15 minutes were up, she asked if she could stay a little bit longer. Oh, man.  She is also a great big sister.  I’m very proud of her thoughtful ways and caring spirit. 


That’s all the news with us.  I’m am doing great.  Dad came to visit at the beginning of March, and of course, I didn’t get a single picture.  We will be headed back to GA at the end of the month, so hopefully we’ll catch up on the pictures, then.  The girls had a great time with Pops, as usual and are looking forward to seeing Nana, and new cousin Quinn soon (and, of course, all the rest of the family as well).  I’m still thoroughly enjoying staying home with the girls and watching them grow.  We hope everyone else is enjoying life and the ones you love!