Hello, again….

Need I say more?  Things have been great here!  We are thoroughly enjoying life.  Here’s a rundown of happenings:

Went to GA, girls saw real, make-a-snowman, snow for the first time!

Met new nephew Quinn—he’s a buff and handsome guy.

Mom and dad will be celebrating 40 years together in July and we’re having big party that I can hardly wait for!

Craig built his fabulous garden that is beginning to produce a plethora of yummies! We are enjoying picking and immediately eating!!  Way to go, Daddy!

Sold the car, got a van—mom for real now.

Live in a world of princesses, where I’m having to choose what Princess I’ll be for the day.  I thought I was clever choosing Cinderella, as I often had to excuse myself to do my “chores”, but then the “other” princess “ruined my evil stepmother and stepsisters” so I would be free to play instead of work.

Taylor will be 4 in two weeks and I should enjoy this princess world right now.  My little girl is growing up and it is bittersweet.

Fielding difficult questions daily, like: “how do they make fabric for clothes?” ,”how are shoes made?”, “why do some people say mean things?” ,”why do we have to pay for stuff?”, “how do they make Maleficent come to life in Sleeping Beauty?” ,”why are dinosaurs big?”, “why would Spencer call me a stupid girl, he loves me?”etc. etc…(these are all questions from today)

Doing the Dave Ramsey  way of life, and the simple life feels good. 

Business is picking up and we’re hoping its not a fluke. Craig is working like a madman, and I think its paying off–prayers accepted.

I’ve had a fabulous winter with Jane and Mike just a short drive away and they have been an awesome help with Taylor and I’m dreading their move back to CO for the summer…boohoo for me!

Reagan is eating solid foods–hates pears, loves sweet potatoes.  Sits on her own, only really giggles when Taylor is around, and HATES rolling over.

Still working on getting back to pre-baby weight.  Again, prayers accepted. 

Nikki took great pictures of the girls for me again, so now I’ll end my update and leave you with a montage of pictures from the past few months (I had so many it took too long to upload to the blog…)

Cheers! Thanks for keeping the faith and continuing to check the site for updates!
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Three months’ time in 2009