Cinderella, Taekwondo, and Crawling, oh my!

Here’s a little montage of the happenings since Taylor’s birthday (June 1st), plus some pictures!

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My Montage 8/16/09


Look out!

This post is dedicated to my sister, Trish and  my brother, Sean.

Many of you know I’m an arachnophobe.  Its not a mystery why I have this fear.  The story has been told around the dinner table for years of how the siblings tortured me by yelling “Spider! Lauriann, look out!”  And as my 4…5…6 year old little body jumped and screamed and begged for them to pick me up, they laughed and left me helpless.  Of course, there never really was a spider, but the fear was still deeply entrenched.  And after all these years I don’t think I’ve properly thanked them….

But I digress.   

Last night Craig came in the house and said, “come here, I think you’ll want to see this”.  Always the tight-lipped mystery man, I’ve gotten used to not asking questions, and dutifully followed him outside.  It was dark and I asked him if I needed shoes, and he said, ” no, it shouldn’t be a problem”.

Shouldn’t be a problem. Hmmm.

As we rounded the corner of our house and crossed the driveway, I caught sight of it as Craig flashed his headlamp on our garage door.  A huge, giant, creeping, very ALIVE…






TARANTULA.  Trying to get into our GARAGE.  Let me repeat that.  A tarantula trying to get into an arachnophobe’s garage.  Terrifying.

But even in my paralyzing fear, I thought quickly.

We caught that Tarantula. And I’m keeping him.  And one day, I’m gonna have my payback when my siblings are least expecting it. You better watch your back, sister.  You better check your sheets, brother.  Cause someday soon, this guys is gonna be waiting for you!       

Mooooaaaahhhahhaaaahhhhaaa!  (Exit with evil laugh!)  

(Someday when I’m not trying to be intimidating, I’ll post the shaking, jumpy video I took of this impossibly gargantuan creature!)