Continuing the process

HI! It’s Taylor! I was looking at my mom’s blog today and saw how fun it looked. My mom came up and said “You should continue my blog!” I thought it was a good idea. I have never done a blog before and thought it would be very fun to do one. My mom wrote about everyday things that occurred. I will do the same. Currently I have two younger siblings Reagan and Jackson. I am the oldest. Our house is full of fun. We play, we talk, we watch movies, we love each other. This is a way for me to share all the fun that the Jones house consists of! If you feel like it please read! Thanks.


Today we were out in the back yard and Reagan (age 7) found a caterpillar. It look like a round piece of bark stuck to a leaf. She touched it and yelled “IT’S SO SQUISHY!”  Mom looked them up and found they they turn into white winged butterflies. We decided to wait and see how the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly took place.














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